Feed the user: levers and methods for lead and customer nurturing

Nourish, nurture, to help, to grow: it is the goal of many campaigns in the field of digital or not, but there's more. Because if we have very clear where we want to - get conversions, stimulating action, achieving results in short, in terms of quantity and quality - it is crucial to understand what tools to use and what topics proposed.

Lead Nurturing, Lead Scoring, and Drip Email Campaigns example

Lead Nurturing, Lead Scoring, and Drip Email Campaigns example


What is the right food for the user?

To study the best strategy, we need to keep a few key points in mind.

  • Reality doesn't exist, what exists is the perception of reality, the perception of the need of the situation. The active human being this perception level for the most part unconscious, and it is subjective, therefore it represents only one of many ways of interpreting the given happened.

  • For every action (conscious or unconscious) corresponds to a reaction. It too can be conscious or unconscious.

If reality does not exist but we are facing, instead, a gigantic personal interpretation that gives each of us the reality; and if we refer to reactions not necessarily guided by rationality, here it is clear that we are talking about feeding the user's path with emotions and we are therefore considering the behaviors.


What, for example?

Surprise: the novelty, wonder, expectation and suspense

The welcome campaigns, the types top-of-mind or re-engagement, as well as the launch of new products or the release of new features, can leverage this.

Dream: being transported in worlds otherwise unreachable, to achieve goals that in reality there seem impossible, to get away from rationality

The prospects and loyal customers already know the advantages of a service or product: need, therefore, to rediscover the wonder that has led them to become fans.

Game: being part of a team, the desire to complete the challenge, the childhood memories

The onboarding campaigns, renewals and general procedures can be made fun by appropriate gaming strategies.

Tradition: the reassurance of the order and the known, the feeling of family warmth

Get out of the comfort zone and take risks? Not always, especially not for our brains.

Savings: the accumulation of resources, the relationship with money

In this regard we recall the renewal campaigns with discount, loyalty couponing, upselling.

What tools to use to refine our levers of nurturing and cultivating the best experience for the customer?

What we need is a thorough analysis that starts not so much - or rather, not immediately - the problem (the nurturing) but from the perception of the problem by the user.

Thanks to Visual Connexion, which allows us to view a given and analyze it in depth, we can come to a better understanding of user needs and perceptions, so path culminating in the resolution of our initial question.